Soma Coma 6

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Soma Coma 6

Artist: VA
Title: Soma Coma 6
Genre: Chill Out
Label: Soma Quality Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

This Soma Coma 6 compilation keeps the annual instalment of quality down tempo electronica at its consistently high level. With twelve tracks it is a massive offering of quality exclusive material and powerful remixes creating an immersive, well-balanced album. Joe Starwarz, Alex Under and Nadja Lind get this album off to a great start showcasing some of the newest talent producing records on the label. Suite b, Lluvia Para Dos and Alpha Chicken Dub all respectively provide engrossing listening and fantastic variety early on. Some of the names that have become synonymous with Soma records supply exciting new work and reinstate these stellar connections between artist and label. The Black Dog and Silicone Soul continue their long history of such collaboration. Walk and Feederrubout reprise, the former a Silicone Soul co-production with Vakama fit perfectly in with the style of this album with a strong sense of production and incorporating various intricate themes. There are two Slam remixes on the album with Echospaces take on Groovelock and Onmutu Mechanicks Dark forces producing unique new sounds straight out of the Soma vaults. The Groovelock remix highlights the unique Echospace sound with imposing waves and drops, and smooth fluidity. The Dark Forces remix is an individual and perfectly sculpted version of the track with a deep, infectious style which does justice to the original. The album finishes with a special Plant Pot People track, Dueys Lament. This acts as a storming outro with guitar feedback and strong sustained notes adding physical impact to the music right up until the last. There are different sections to this album with darker more brooding moments expanding out into vast soundscapes and spacious tracks. This sort of detail and balance helps to tie together a collection of top tracks to make a formidable whole. Added to the list of top talent mentioned so far there are tracks from all manner of great artists at various stages of their careers all of whom add a totally unique and distinctive sound to the mix. This is another standout compilation in this series that, as always, doesnt fail to disappoint.

01. Joe Stawarz – Suite B 5:02
02. Alex Under – Lluvia Para Dos 6:41
03. Nadja Lind – Alpha Chicken Dub 7:32
04. Joe Stawarz – Deepcut (Mihalis Safras Amby Mix) 4:01
05. Slam – Dark Forces (Onmutu Mechanicks Remix) 6:49
06. Rod Modell – Silent World 10:51
07. Slam – Groovelock (Echospace Detroit Ambient Version) 7:03
08. Mirror Music – Only Forward 5:54
09. Klartraum – Sinking 7:13
10. Silicone Soul , Vakama – Walk 8:30
11. The Black Dog – Feeder Rub Out Reprise 4:02
12. Plant Pot People – Duey’s Lament 6:26